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Telephone 0428 547 773
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Fox Studios Australia
Mail: FSA #26
Building 103-2, 38 Driver Avenue
Moore Park NSW 2021

Adding humour to speeches for:

  • corporate executives
  • politicians
  • professional speakers

Writing funny stuff for:

  • TV, the internet and radio
  • advertising agencies

Most of Benjamin's work is for speakers and authors as an uncredited ghostwriter (which is fine with him!), but he also does some comedy writing projects that are publicly identified as his. For example, www.GinaRinehart.info is funny, serious and popular, and has got some good media attention.

The fine print

The fee for most projects is $3,000+GST

Half is payable in advance as booking confirmation; half is payable at the conclusion of the work. A typical completion time is two to three weeks.